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Kids Learning Strategy that Works

Researchers have recently discovered that whole-brain learning or brain-based learning is an efficient and effective learning strategy that helps kids (parents and teachers, too) learn anything easily without struggling.

One feature of brain-based learning involves using both the right side and the left side of the brain. Although nobody is just left brain or just right brain, most of us have a dominance.

Susan’s math aptitude means she is probably left-brain dominant, and Caleb, the artist, has a right-brain dominance.

Learning to read and write requires using both sides of the brain. So does learning math and even doing art. In fact, doing just about anything well, including thinking clearly, and even problem solving, involves using the right and left hemispheres of the front part of the brain.

How do you accomplish this? Easy. Just move across the center mid-line of your body. Every time you move your right arm to your left side or your left arm to your right side, you’re crossing the mid-line and improving learning, thinking, and problem solving. Now you’re using brain-based learning.

Works for kids. Works for you.

Character Education Phase

Self Discipline

Often said the backbone of Character Education. Teachers and parents in tandem should make sure to teach students/ kids to be self disciplined.

To be compassionate

Being compassionate is always a plus point when it comes to making your kid understand the suffering or pain that a person undergoes. When it comes to helping someone in need, ask them not to back off no matter what comes.


Being responsible is a task itself. Teach your kids or students to accomplish a task within a timeframe and cite examples if needed.

Be Friendly

Being friendly is the one of the greatest virtues. Hence, you should make sure your kid turns out to be a good friend.


Being perseverant will surely reap anyone benefits to success. Character education teaches your kid not to back off even while facing a daunting task by maintaining a positive attitude and by giving their very best.

Put in your best

Success cannot be achieved overnight and this is a universal truth. Each and everyone needs to put in their

Educational Toys

Educational toys are more and more popular all over the world and parents always buy too many such educational toys for children. However, many parents also still want to know whether these so-called educational toys are beneficial to children intelligence development. According to the children development experts, if playing with right ways, educational toys can really play the important role in promoting the child’s capabilities such as observation competence, thinking ability, imagination and handling ability. In fact, the educational toys are strongly recommended and often used in daily life to develop children ability and intelligence by parents and teachers.

As is known to all, Rubik’s cube, nine chain of rings, seven-piece puzzle and LEGO building blocks are the typical educational toys, however, do you know why they are so popular all over the world? Because the design of these toys not only use the beautiful images, bright colors and fair-sounding sound to attract children, but also enable children to use their brain and thinking ability to solve problem. If they can finally solve the problem successfully, I am sure they would get lots of pleasure and sense of

Tips about Fun English for Kids

Practice English Language day by day. Even during ordinary time with your family and friends

Nothing beats up this technique in learning your child the English language. Steady exposure to any language helps easygoing absorption for children. It acts upon in the same way that we find out our own first languages. Kids who spring up improving in French Republic typically pick up the French language well and those who are delivered in the United States of America or the United Kingdom spring up up to be proficient in English language. Of course, it totally depends upon your own acquirement in addressing the oral communication. If you converse with the kid in English language that is suitable and polished and encourage him to reply in similar mode, and so he will certainly master from the oral communication in no time.

Play Educational Games that is in English. This way one can develop his/her comprehension in English and have new English vocabulary word.

When you play with your youngster, be sure that the games that you are playing are informative and of value. Do not blow your time on senseless games that instruct the kid nothing.

Things to Look For In A Pre-school

In the not-so-recent past, it was simple and effective to put a child in preschool – all it entailed was consulting the directory and calling the school closest to home and the child was admitted!

The perceived needs of the parents were limited to:

A safe, secure and warm classroom environment for the budding child.

The focus expected being primarily academics.

Logistically, the school needed to be close to the home and convenient to attend.

The changing times have witnessed exponential increases in both the number of preschools and the expectations of the parents per se.


Present day parents are more discerning and aware considering that preschools play such an important role in development – the expectations are high and the perceived needs of the parents are more spatial than ever before. The new age expectations from a preschool are more than a safe and mere academic institution. The expectations from the modern day preschool need to encompass some or more of the following:

An institution which could inculcate spatial personality development.

Preschools with a reputation and a prestigious name

Aligned to the perceived

Teach Critical Thinking in Early K-12 Education

Critical thinking is an essential set of reasoning and communication skills required to operate effectively in society. The basic concept of “don’t believe everything you read” comes to mind. It is an essential reasoning skill. The word “skill” is key here because it is more than just common sense or something that children learn as a natural course of growing up. It is a skill that must be taught and learned. Proficiency in critical thinking is essential to lifelong learning and to dealing effectively with a world of accelerating change. To get a better feel for this, consider the following: For starters, compare how we think about the job market today to how your children may have to think in the future.

For example, today we think: here is my resume; hire me; tell me what to do and then pay me an hourly wage for doing it. This thinking evolved out of the industrial revolution. It assumes stable business content, stable business processes and established companies and corporations who capitalize on the content and processes, produce products, hire people, etc. This basic thinking still exists today.

On the other hand, in the future, companies will

Questions to Ask when Your Child may be Better off in A Private School

# Do you feel that the school that they are currently in is not capable of providing the academics that you feel are necessary for your child?

# Have you tried to work with your teen on how to handle peer pressure, but feel that there is too much danger where they are nonetheless?

# Will your child react that this private school is a punishment or will you try to explain to them that this will help them to become a better student?

# Does the private school provide for the academics you need your child to have, the type of discipline that you believe in and the means to enforce it?

# Will you still commit to helping your child through the problems they face, one on one even if they are not at a school locally?

# What do you really want to accomplish from the private setting? Is this realistic?

Take some time to determine what a private school really can offer your child. In most cases, they will still be faced with all the temptations that other teens are. Making the right choice can happen if you

Easy Things You Can Do to Make Sure any Support for Math You Provide at Home

1. Know Your Subject

You can’t provide help for math to your little primary student if you don’t know exactly what they need to learn about the particular topic area you’re supporting them in.

For example, if Little Johnny comes to you and asks for help in his long division homework, it pays to know a few things about the principles of basic division, how it relates to multiplication, and where Little Johnny will use the skills of long division in other math topics in the future.

You can find a basic overview of your child’s primary math curriculum in a few places.

First, have a look in their math text books or subject outlines if they have one. Some school websites also provide syllabus support documention on their websites for parents, which will outline the scope and sequence of your child’s classroom math program. Or, for a detailed overview of state- or federal-based curriculums in your area, do an online search for the primary mathematics documentation from the relevant educatino department or association. Most will have online guides for parents that detail exactly what school children should be learning at what age, and

Tips to Pick Great Boarding School

The best boarding school operates with a noble mission and vision of building creative and dynamic leaders of tomorrow. These schools come with a dynamic educational program to cater to students of diverse backgrounds. Such programs offer each student the opportunity to enrich themselves, nurture their skills and aptitude which will finally help in developing a global citizen. The course curriculum is designed to ensure a smooth transition from a school to tertiary education level. The best residential schools come with committed and sincere teaching faculties who not only impart education but inspire students to achieve their highest potential and grow up as a compassionate and responsible citizen of the country. Reputed boarding schools give equal importance to curricular and non-curricular activities. The dynamic educational program ensure that the students are never put under extra stress or pressure. In fact, these curricula are designed with a student-centered approach, whereby children are encouraged to get more involved in the learning process. All traditional subjects are taught but in a unique manner comprising class room and audio-visual teaching.

The best boarding school comes with each and every facility like, spacious rooms for girls and boys, library, computer labs, huge

Kids Family Education

Firstly, don’t worry about children’s littering. I am sure most parents in daily life would have such experience that when you get to home from work place, you will find your kids throw all the toys you or your relative have bought for them as the holiday gift away every corner of the house. What’s worse, some naughty children would paint the wall with too much colors and it seems that they are satisfied with their masterwork. As parents, what should you do? Generally speaking, parents are angry with such behaviour what their children did, but at the same time they would put all the items scattered in the house away and clean the room as fast as they can, then they should tell the kids that not to do such things the next time. However, just a few days later, parents would find such situation happened again and also feel helpless. Suggestion from the children development experts is that before six o’clock, parent should not put their toys away and after six o’clock, parent should ask children that why these toys are thrown everywhere and how to clean up these messy toys. At the beginning, parents can

Creative Teaching Methods

Quite a few education articles do speak this issue and so they place the fault on the children’s reduced focus to the advance of gadgets, appliances and expert services that provide immediate end results or possibly solutions, thus, making perseverance some kind of unfamiliar concept to the youngster. To illustrate, any time a student can feel bored to death, he or she can straightaway focus his attention to the smart phone being close at hand and also have fun with several betting games and as a result amuse him or her self.

On the other hand, this form of action is just building anxiety in the kid and he is much more likely to really feel a lot more stressed within the class in which he is not permitted to do anything else except to sit down and then listen to the actual coach. The youngster finds that it is hard to deal with this kind of limitation as there is little or nothing he could do in order to satisfy his want to take care of boredom and that gives rise to minimized attention levels.

Clearly, much more recent and latest teaching method has to